Kurumi Conley - Kiln formed glass
Meet our staff:

Mike in Shipping 
Mike has been with our company from the beginning, working as a driver, repair technician, artist representative and copy editor in addition to his duties packing and shipping our products all over the world. Have a question? Ask Mike! He will tell you something, even if he is not sure of the correct answer. Mike also works under the name MC Shoehorn as a tap dancer, saxophonist, vocalist, composer and performance artist.

Studio Cat
Petoynne is our head of security, who carries out the grisly task of dismembering unwitting rodents. It is a constant challenge to eliminate the unwanted smells that result from his posted warnings. Our custodial agents have found that an application of wet coffee grounds helps dilute any olfactory offense which occurs due to his presence. Petoynne is gentle, receptive to petting, and reasonably friendly, if somewhat shy. 

Stump House Fairy & Bunny Band
The Portland Stump House was created when an unwarranted attack from a giant underground fungus forced our company to call in outside experts to remove the resulting dead tree. What was left was an extra-tall stump, which was soon sporting a giant mushroom cap. The mushroom cap was replaced by an up-cycled  reed roof, and a door and multiple windows were installed, where fairy-bunnies pose with instruments, and catfood-bag art greets the observant passerby.